4 Bs and a dog .

Butterfly. Zebra Blue. First sighting of the season.

Birds: Bronze Mannikins.

Blossom. First one! Spring is on its way,

Bee visiting Strelizia.

And Bobbi.

7 August 2017



28 thoughts on “4 Bs and a dog .

    1. Well, it is still a bit nippy at times so it will be a while before I can cavort around the garden in nothing but rubber boots, a tanga and sun tan lotion.
      But the worst is over…. thank goodness.

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                1. I am a gentleman … sort of … I would never presume to post anything over the edge. As far as muck boots, suntan lotion and a tanga goes I am afraid you will just have to use your imagination … or not.

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      1. For the butterfly I used the Canon EOS 400D on Macro setting (auto mode)
        The other three shots I used the Sony Cybershot ( zoom) also on auto mode.

        Are you saying you like the green or you don’t?

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  1. Thanks for camera info. πŸ™‚

    It could be the headache but it really hurt my eyes. The tone you have there now is better. We’ll blame it on the headache. I’ve never complained about anyone’s page before. πŸ™‚


        1. I guess one does become accustomed what to look for and what to expect,. Eventually such photographs do become more likely.
          When I go ”spider hunting” there are regular haunts that are a given.
          But isn’t a thrill when you come across something right out of the blue?

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          1. I agree. I managed to catch a bright yellow finch on a sunflower the other day with my Canon. Though it was a tad over-exposed because I was trying to capture it before it flitted off again – also it was a very bright day. I was kind of proud of myself though, for not missing the shot.

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