Six word Saturday: Five minutes stroll in the garden


Thanks to Debbie Smythe Six Word Saturday.



    • I heard a glossy starling call and popped out, but it flew off so I went up to check on the crab spider – she’s still there on the Alysum as the photo shows … with lunch! Then I just clicked away as I walked back to the office to finish my own lunch.


        • I have four shots of this particular group of light aircraft. I posted another photo of these a while back.
          They fly this way a couple of times over one weekend most months,not always directly over our house, so this was definitely a bonus!
          They fly over the golf course and then describe a long arc before returning. It is a sort of memorial to a mate (fellow pilot) who died… so I heard told.
          They use three different types of aircraft, I think one is a Cessna and another type is a bi-plane! (no idea which model) Haven’t managed to get a decent shot of those ones yet.

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    • Morning Miss T.
      Thank you.
      Oh, just to let you know I sampled the Pickled Lemon chutney thing for the first time yesterday.
      Wow! Knockout. Really tasty.
      I shall leave it a bit longer and if it goes down well with the rest of the fandamily I shall be sterilizing jam jars and raiding the overflowing trees for fruit next month!

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