Feathers on Friday

This is not a good shot, but it is an interesting capture.

Three Green Woodhoopoes were  flying over the garden this morning when one turned abruptly to its right and alighted in my neighbour’s tree, while its two companions carried on straight to the Wattle tree in the back garden.

I had the camera and turned to photograph the one in my neighbour’s tree as it was closer. As I focused I saw something in its beak and once I had zoomed in I realised why he’d suddenly veered off right: To catch this bug in mid-air.

My second Feathers on Friday photograph was much easier to shoot.



  1. I love how in the first photo the bird mostly blends in with the tree. So your attention is on these two reddish tongs with a bug in them. Then as you look the outline of the bird becomes more distinct from the tree.

    On the second photo how did you get it still when you have cats around. the lazy one that lives at our home moves only when a cat is near, which seems to drive both of them into a frenzy. 🙂 Hugs


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