Feeling a bit nostalgic. Old Feather brain strikes again …

The inimitable   ….  Arch.

archaeopteryx1 says:

Speaking of penises, and we were, if the Bible’s god is so hung up on circumcision, is HE circumcised? And if so, who did it?



I smile every time I come across one of his comments. This was from an old post at Mak’s spot. Truly, the man was something else…


17 thoughts on “Feeling a bit nostalgic. Old Feather brain strikes again …

    1. Me too, Carmen, me too. Whenever I come across one of his comments it sometimes catches me unaware and just for a split second my fingers occasionally hover over the reply button …but then I realise, and the wind gets knocked out of the sails.
      But then I smile.
      I really wish I had met him. I know we would have got on like a house on fire.


    1. Indeed, Mr Z. A many-faceted gem.
      It is the most odd feeling to miss someone who one never met and was ostensibly just the product of typed words at the other end of an internet connection.
      We are a strange bunch, us humans.

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  1. I’ve often wondered myself … if we are cast in Big G’s image, is it a reasonable image? Exact copy or a bit abstract?

    If exact then what earthly use could He possibly have for His Dinky?

    Does this mean (by extension) that Heaven is littered with incorruptible holy poops—and that perhaps the ancients were right after all, thunder is simply God farting?

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    1. Does seem a trifle odd that an all powerful deity would insist on cutting a bit off one’s penis as a sign of fealty.
      I wonder if they just made it all up, Argus?


      1. Don’t stop me now, I’m muttering … I did read something somewhere a long time ago analysing the motivations of circumcision but have long forgotten. Some excusionists tried to justify on the grounds of hygiene but it doesn’t wash.

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      1. Little Godlets running around? Perhaps He let’s them play with us …

        I knew it, I’m just a toy. A toy dog on a string and this world is a plaything for juveniles …


  2. Now that was an interesting question! Never even considered about that. Wish I had back in the old Southern Baptist days however. I am sure the response would have been excellent!


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