Calling All Christians!

– From the (claimed by some) innerent, God-Breathed bible – 
John 14:12New International Version (NIV)

12“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”


Spoken by the biblical character, Jesus of Nazareth.



Please show one disease eliminated from the earth or one missing limb restored through prayer.






  1. Cynics~! We (God and Me) oops (God and I) (bugger) … are surrounded by bloody cynics.
    Just open your heart and let the love of Christ flow in. Then you too will walk on water, heal the sick, open the graves … but be warned, being nailed to crosses tends to make your eyes water a bit …

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  2. There is no one in this zip code to date who has the comprehension to understand just exactly what you are mocking.

    That said, enjoy your mocking. Personally, I will not fuel your spiritual ignorance.

    Then again on a much simpler note, if you do not believe the record that the seas and the earth were created, yes created, you will continue to be lost as fog with doctrine. 😉

    This is spoken to one and all around here, with special emphasis on so called decons.


    • “There is no one in this zip code to date who has the comprehension to understand just exactly what you are mocking.”

      It’s all well and good to shroud dogma in “mystery” and then claim no-one but “true believers” can understand it. The problem is, once you build that barrier to understanding then nobody can become a believer because that would require understanding your “mysterious dogma ” first.

      It’s a very silly argument.


      • @plume.

        Your complaint is common, but at least you should admit that your self inflicted barrier can be removed easily enough, if you give the benefit of the doubt that God IS.

        No mystery there.


          • Ha. This is far too easy M.

            Knocking out atheism without ever stepping into the ring or throwing a punch is kinda great. 😉

            God and His word never lost a bout. It’s great I tell ya.


          • Cs, how would you define the ‘greater works’ that Christians are supposed to be able to perform now that Christ has been raised and gone to the father according to that John 14 vs?


          • @mike

            You are making wrong assumptions. TODAY is the day of God’s patience and grace. Remember Paul prescribing medicine to Timothy? Surely this has not escaped your notice.

            Progressive revelation is a wonderful tool in understanding scripture. The ‘mark of the beast’ is not yet, (right around the corner) and the word written at the time was irrelevant to they who never heard of a computer.

            God is neither early or late


          • Seriously mike. Why do you traffic in that which you have no use for?

            This is the greater work that you should concern yourself with.



          • Cs, and why do you traffic in comments that refuse to answer directly the subject or question on blogs you disagree with?
            I could just as easily respond to you with your implied ‘stay in your lane’ as well, but what purpose would that serve other than to insult and belittle someone who has obviously chosen to engage to some level.
            The problem being, that even though you refuse to honestly and directly answer, yet you are here commenting on a blog you disagree with and ‘have no use for’, right?
            Save the passive aggressive condescension, cs. It’s not very christlike


          • Christlike? Seriously? If you had a clue, you would not be a current decon.

            But somebody has to be a voice of reason in this part of town. 😉

            And I’m guessing you agree, even though you will not admit.


          • As a moth to a flame, a driver to a car wreck… an insecure person to truth he does not want to accept, but feels driven to fight against. “If only I could defeat it, maybe I won’t have to rethink my own position”. Amazing, cs. Keep on coming back for more. Its just a matter of time until you enter The Recovery too. Cheers


          • … and of course cs, it’s you who are claiming wisdom above all of the other commenters with your ‘someone has to be the voice of reason here’ comment. Aren’t you also proving your own quote against yourself?


          • Wisdom from the bible? You mean the same bible that allows, regulates and NEVER condemns the owning of other humans as property and slaves? The one that actually encourages parents to ‘stone to death’ their unruly children? The one that commands genocide against unbelievers and pagans and tells us ‘not to suffer a witch to live’? The one that tells us to “beat the child, he won’t die”?
            You mean THAT superior ‘wisdom’, cs?


          • No. He means the wisdom that states that, to have a covenant with Yahweh you must cut a piece off your penis as a sign you are probably a Nob. Or Nob … less in this case?
            Otherwise how would Yahweh know who were his Chosen People?


          • Ah… there’s where both the God of the bible and cs are wrong. I seem to remember “God looks not after the outward appearance, but the heart”.
            Or did God just change his mind and couldn’t resist the sight of little boy’s penises? Sure makes the catholic priest sex abuse thing more understandable, yeah? Just taking after their Father’s example

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          • If your reading comprehensions were a tad more advanced, you would not raise such stupid concerns. Was that law written to YOU………….?

            Your hands must be bloody for your mishandling of sharp objects.


          • You do realize that christianity teaches that jesus is one in perskn with the god of the ot… What does “the same yesterday, today and forever” mean to you cs?
            Did God or Jesus ever counter and these ot statements of what they thought was right and proper? Don’t worry, my reading comprehension is just a bit more honest that yours so I’ll answer for you.
            That would be a negative ghost rider.


          • Mike. One last time.

            The law was not given to boy scouts. The Israelites proved their mettle, or lack thereof by asking for a king. God gave them what they wanted.

            The law reveals rebellion. It reveals perfectly yours too. It is not my fault that you are clueless.

            Do you need to be reminded not to steal your neighbor’s cow, or take his wife?????????

            The law is a perfect bitchslapper. 😉 Are you feeling the pain…………

            Maybe you have heard of grace. Maybe not.


          • No you haven’t answered at all. I’m giving you an opportunity to clearly and directly agree or repudiate the ‘Wisdom’ you say is much higher than the wisdom of man, and you are ducking.
            “Whosoever denies me before men…” you know the rest cs, don’t You?
            Come on now… Try again. Is it wisdom to stone your unruly, rebellious child to death?


          • Oh what to do cs? Both yes and no answers are problematic… and silence is refusing to “confess before men…” what to do…


          • … and by the way cs, the wisdom of those commands in the ot is not dependant on whether they were utter to me… or to Christians after christ… or to no one in particular.
            Their wisdom stands or falls in whether tjeyn are in fact Wise commands.
            Again I ask cs, is it wisdom to stone your unruly or rebellious child as God commanded?


          • @mike

            If I sensed you were in the LEAST bit serious………….I would explain it further. As it is, watching you try to put God into a thimble is some serious amusing nonsense.



          • So… you are refusing to “confess before men…”. Dishonest face saving. I doubt you are a real Christian. Troll and Poe. Either that, or the father and Jesus are having a little conversation about your willingness to be truthful with what you believe. Either way cs, your screwed


          • Cs, this is your perennial problem. You are unwilling and in many cases unable to simply answer simple questions directly or honestly. You have no way of testing my honesty in asking and no honest option of refusing to answer based on what you think my motivation is or is not.
            You won’t answer for one reason and one alone. You were cornered for trying to defend the indefensible.


          • Tic tock, time’s a wasting… you can still “confess before men…” that it is, or “deny before men…” that it isnt… or keep silent and refuse to confess, and by your silence Deny Him anyway.
            Tick tock….


        • Sinners can either understand your bible or not. This is what you’re claiming, not me. I’d tell you what you’re logic fallacy is, but you’d probably have to look it up. And it’s still a very silly argument.


    • Apologies CS, for repeating the same old same old … how was The Creator created? I have still never had a satisfying answer (but live in hope). Please don’t let me down …


      • This should help you wrap your brain about the true issue, which issue by the way is reserved for anybody reading this. The truth is inescapable and obvious. It is proved by every act of antagonistic litigation or ecuses against the Creator. Enjoy:

        ‘With the merciful thou wilt shew thyself merciful; with an upright man thou wilt shew thyself upright;

        With the pure thou wilt shew thyself pure; and with the froward thou wilt shew thyself froward.’

        You see, the onus is on you, not God. He has done more than enough.


        • I’m impressed, but sadly not answered.

          The true issue here is the one and only, unique, genuine Prime Mover. Someone or something had to be the First Cause, no?


  3. Christians can’t agree on miracles, even in biblical times.
    Mt 24:
    24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

    So if someone regenerates a missing limb, how do they know “god” did it? Inquiring minds want to know….

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  4. The key thing is that ‘Jesus’ said they would do greater things than he did. So we really should look at what Jesus is purported to have done. I think focussing on walking on water would be a good start.

    So do greater than Jesus just walking on water would not suffice. What would be greater than that? Levitating through the air would be the case. Perhaps it has been done? I attended an Eddie Coe event a few years back and he assured the audience that he levitated at an earlier rally. So perhaps Jesus is correct?

    Here is Eddie Coe and a women who is claimed to be cured of blindness:

    What I know is that I still needed glasses after a attended Eddie’s event, perhaps I just needed more faith?

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  5. Dearest ColorStorm,

    Please answer Mike’s question — which you have NOT done (as usual). In case you’ve forgotten (since you managed to direct everyone’s attention away from it in your inimitable fashion):

    [H]ow would you define the ‘greater works’ that Christians are supposed to be able to perform now that Christ has been raised and gone to the father according to that John 14 vs?

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    • Nan, it would be nice if cs was honest enough to engage the actual subject of the post or the questions he’s been asked. But I doubt his willingness or ability to do so.


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