Watch the Birdy: Cape White Eye.

The Hand Whisk bird feeder is proving to be a firm favorite, and even though the Mousebirds hog it most of the time the little Cape White Eye is not shy either, and when the opportunity for a quick peck at the apple presents itself they are in like a shot. Still waiting for the Bulbul to pluck up the courage.


Another for Nancy’s photo challenge! 



12 thoughts on “Watch the Birdy: Cape White Eye.

  1. I never thought of using kitchen implements for feeders. I wonder do all the birds like the same fruits or do you have to rotate them for different groups. Hugs


  2. Our whiteyes make do with quartered apples tossed out on the lawn. We also toss out slices of bread well coated with store-bought dripping (can’t buy lard anywhere down here—even though it’s been rehabilitated) (the sheeple have long memories).

    Toots tried the Brit thing with dripping and seeds, balled, but they ignored it for my bready versions. So far all the cats seem to be a bit wary, which is good.

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    1. Just take an old hand whisk, push an apple or pear between the metal whisks and push a wooden skewer or sharpened twig through the apple then affix it to an overhanging branch with a piece of string or wire.
      Easy peasy. Loads of fun to watch.

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