13 thoughts on “Fly like the wind! (OWPC – Heron)

  1. Herons of all colors rank high in my list of favorites. When we lived in the northwest US I often watched a blue heron fishing in the rain and I wondered if he noticed it was raining.

    When we were younger by a few years we spent many joyful hours pedaling a tandem bicycle. It allowed us to converse in normal tones and view the world around us up close without the noise of an internal combustion engine.

    One morning, during our silent travel,s we rode upon one. We were within a few yards of him when he saw us. Startled, he beat the air taking flight and making croaking sounds like a frog.

    Since that day I’ve wondered if that is his tool? Like humans have duck calls, does he have his frog call?


    1. Thank goodness they do croak – and loudly, too, otherwise there would be times I wouldn’t know he was by the pond!
      The herons have taken the occasional fish, but by and large the set up of the pond makes it awkward – but not impossible – for the birds to fish.

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          1. Generally I do, too. We live over a valley that has a golf course running through it and it has a few water spots that have fish. And this, the golf course, is where the herons live, so they have ample wild fish to choose from.
            As our fish are considered pets, some are close to 18 years old, we try to discourage the predators as gently as we can.


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