A quick jaunt around the garden

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16 thoughts on “A quick jaunt around the garden

  1. Birds … bees … all we have now is manky lawns, the wreckage of deceased once-were-plants, and for whatever reason one foxglove that has defied all reality and is still in full flower for bees that if they exist are snugly sleeping waaaaay underground. (But this morning’s rather pathetic snowfall should sort that foxglove out too.)


    1. It’s looking a lot fuller this year with the lemons and lavender and rosemary all on full-steam ahead.
      And the gooseberry bushes spread around the place are yielding enough fruit for breakfast or fruit salad.

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    1. My son does, when the weather is warm. And the blind cat, Django, has on the rare occasion in the past fallen in. But the pond is more secure these days.
      Four of the five lemon tress are fuller than I have ever seen them.
      Chilli plants did a little better this year, thank goodness, and I’ll plant out another batch of seedlings when spring arrives

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    1. That’s Cindy, the Lab that was abandoned. She has a latin name of Vaccuumus Cleaneruopeverythingus. Seen here hanging around the gardener in the (vain) hope he might share his lunch.

      The cat is Ginger, who adopted us after getting fed up of being chased once too often within the skin of its life almost every day by their dogs.
      He now resides here full time and has a reasonably peaceful life at No 63 where the dogs and cats and humans – and the food are much more to his liking, thank you very much.


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