Have faith: ”There’s a hole in your hand, dear Jesus, dear Jesus …there’s a hole …

“You see, Tom, just stick your finger in there and wiggle it around a bit.”

“Cor! That’s so neat. And all cured as well. Not even a trace of septicemia. And those rusty nails are bloody nasty, JC, let me tell you!”

“So, now do you believe that I was dead and was resurrected?”

“Er …  no, I don’t, in actual fact. But I would be very interested in reading the report of the presiding physician and seeing the death certificate, JC. If it’s all the same to you, that is?”

“But what about your faith, Thomas?”

“Oh, come on JC. No whining now. You’re a big lad. And you know how is it, right? All those false prophets, yes? S’why they call me Doubting Thomas isn’t it?”


So, faith, then?

If faith is the bedrock of Christian belief why do so many of them spend such an awful lot of their time trying to justify and demonstrate how it is possible to know that the bible is trustworthy. That things really happened. That there were witnesses. That Jesus really is Yahweh; that Paul did write all those Epistles … except the ones he didn’t, of course.

Surely, if one already believes the bible is the inspired Word of Yahweh ( One is not going to be a proper Christian if one does not believe this.), then why the need to “prove” anything at all?

You have faith, yes?

Jesus walked on water – it’s in the bible. Right there in black and white. And in English, too! I believe the bible. Ergo, this is an historical fact.  Should I need to go further? No!

But the sceptics keep telling me it’s  nonsense. And they are mean to me.

So what? Buck up. Be a man … er woman … er Person. You have your faith, yes?


You do believe, don’t you? I mean really really believe. This is not just a bit of shamming is it?

Of course not. I believe every single word. Even the publication date!

Ssh  … not so loud.


Well, we don’t have to believe everything is literal.

No? Oh. So … God breathed could mean there might be a few analogies?


Phew! Thank goodness for that! Because the story of the Saints climbing out of their graves and walking through Jerusalem. Well, between you and me, it always seemed a bit far-fetched, to tell the truth. Know what I mean? And when I heard that Mike Licona got fired from his job for saying this was not to be taken literally I was in a bit of a flap, because I doubted too and I thought, Jesus H, if the Vicar finds out I’m up the creek without  a paddle.

Oh, I understand perfectly.

So … er … the Resurrection? That’s also analo …?


Oh, great because I was wonderi—


Oh!  Yes. Right. Of course. No problem. That’s real. Definitely. Historical fact, right?

Yes. Historical fact!

So, walking on Water, analogy. Dead Saints coming back to life and going walkabout, analogy. Dead Jesus coming back to life and going walkabout. Absolute unimpeachable historical fact. Definitely happened. Can’t be a Christian if you doubt this, okay?


Okay, I’ve got it! Er … what about the virgin birth? Only I heard …

You read Raymond Brown didn’t you? And he said this was not to be taken literally, didn’t he?

Well, you now, I might have glanced at it.

You do know he was a Catholic?

Get away! He was? Wow, so not a proper Christian, then?

Should tell you all you need to know.

So, virgin birth?

Historical fact.



For many Christians, their belief is primarily based on factors (Emotions? Perceptions?) other than objective evidence.

Evidence for this is the statement by evangelical Christian apologist William Lane Craig: “Even if there were zero objective evidence for the Resurrection, ( and, let’s face it , Bill, there isn’t.) the simplest of Christians can know that the Resurrection is an historical fact simply by the testimony of the Holy Spirit in his heart”.

Holy Spirit?

Oh, well, if your buying, Bill, mine’s a Jack on the Rocks … oh, sod it, make that a double.



17 thoughts on “Have faith: ”There’s a hole in your hand, dear Jesus, dear Jesus …there’s a hole …

  1. So many Apologists, so little evidence. It’s an effort to Katie bar the door to keep Christians in by giving them just enough reasons, poor as they are, to convince them, try as they might, that they haven’t been completely brain washed and lied to.

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  2. So long as this crap … whoops! … scripture continues to be preached from the pulpit, the gullible … whoops! … devoted Christian will accept it as, well, gospel. To do any kind of research outside of Sunday morning or mid-week services is just toooo time-consuming, what with work, babysitting the grandkids, working in the yard, having a drink with the boys, watching football/basketball/golf/NASCAR/baseball, etc., etc., etc.

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      1. Hey, does he ever delete your comments? Three of mine (so far) in Moderation have simply disappeared. he claims, though, he hasn’t deleted anything.


        1. I am always moderated. He just leaves the ones that expose his argument – he can’t have that of course!
          Which is why you will notice on all his threads where I comment , his comments are pretty much always the final comment!
          You’ll notice ”Tom” has made an appearance and slated you straight away.


  3. Hello Ark and all. I was watching this video by Daniel Dennett …. Daniel Dennett – Is There Any Good Reason to Believe in God? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9ou7EO9F70&t=2s . I love this guy. I can’t believe I just seen his talks. He shows how you can believe things without knowing what they are or mean. He gave two examples. One was , say Ark told me fact A was true. I would believe that because I trust Ark. Example 2 was E = mc 2 , which I believe is true but I have clue as to the real science stuff behind it. I know it relates to energy and mass and it works if you know how to cypher it. He goes on to say a bunch of other things. He talked about why the faithful can’t give up the faith even in face of contradicting facts. I thought it was great, I just need to watch it a few more times to understand it all. Then the question becomes to me, if a person refuses to accept proven reality do I really care what they think or believe. Like as soon as I learned ColorStorm really believes in a flat earth and in easily disproved misinformation in the bible and won’t see it is wrong, I dismissed him. If a person says that YEs god stopped the sun, and believes god controls gravity I will invite them to show me how with jumping out the windows of a very tall building or rock face. I should say I feel bad but he if you are too dumb to know about gravity as an adult by now, you really are taking up space that could be better used. Sorry guys, I am a bit cranky. Hugs

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  4. Well, that and they spend almost no time thinking about what they believe. All of the thinking is more close to the bone (societal ills, what to wear to church services, whether to participate in a new study group, etc.).

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  5. I can relate to what you say Steve, they are very reluctant to dig into the facts of real life for humans here on Earth and or recognise the lack of real facts that support their faith due to the voice of the Holy Spirit inside their heads that guides them I believe. For example, I have been blogging a particular Christian who does not believe in medication or it appears in any professional treatments for psychological conditions of troubled children, and I think he sees this as an atheistic approach, therefore he must consider these conditions are caused by something else and I dread to think what that is. He does make it obvious he believes as long as these children get their regular daily servings of religious faith the almighty will be the cure for them and all will be ok.

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    1. Like I said … close, not far away. ;o) Most church-goers I have met are, I would say, basically nice people. They would be shocked that I think their thoughts are dangerous. But like a child with an invisible friend, you do not want to make them realize that they are willingly participating in a delusion as you just come out being the “bad guy.” I wish there were a mechanism to help them but, if there is I haven’t heard of it yet.


      1. There really is a mechanism to identify their delusion that comes from brain science.

        “Belief in a spiritual realm is the product of an evolutionary adaptation, a coping mechanism that emerged to help humankind deal with the fear of death.”

        That passage I copied from http://www.godpart.com/ written by Matthew Alper, and even if every brain scientist on the planet were to support this view I do not believe the masses would give up their religions and it would be explained as God’s mysterious method of brain control or something similar.

        Even if a god like figure descended from the heavens and went on national TV and told everyone to stop believing in this religious crap I still do not expect the rejection of religion and it may be explained as a satanic event.

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