Ark on the Street: TGIF

And the prize for Nobs of the Week goes to … guess.

Yes, that’s right!  Because it’s Friday our illustrious Traffic Police always manage to get everyone in a Happy Weekend Mood by setting up  roadblocks on both sides of the highway to check that the happy smiling face you were sporting at the moment they pulled you over is the same expression as on your driver’s licence. Unfortunately this caused  such long tailbacks and delays it meant there was a real danger that some of the eggs we had just bought might have hatched.

”If we’re going to be stuck here for a while, I guess I’ll just eat my lunch. then.”

Pushing my crates.

Selling my wares, make a few bucks.

”Take my picture!”

Okay. Car Guard at local Shopping Mall.

Just waiting on a friend

I’m still walking!

Fancy stopping for a coffee?

Making a delivery at …


6 thoughts on “Ark on the Street: TGIF

      1. OH, you the person parking pay? So they are private parking lots? I missed that part. I thought it was store or mall security in their parking lots. They get paid by the store and are not always so friendly. Low paid and get lots of flax. Thanks. Hugs


      1. A long time ago we unknowingly were caught in the middle of a crowd headed for a Greatful Dead Concert. Wife and I weren’t interested in the concert but we were grateful we didn’t run out of gas or pissing our pants.

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