Watch the Birdies

A pair of Crested Barbets giving an aerial display!

”On the Fence”. Indecisive Robin.

”A real Swinger”.  Speckled Mousebird.

Southern Masked Weaver investigates the first Strelizia of the season to open.

Next it’s the turn of the Female White Bellied Sunbird while her mate sits in the tree above

Male White Bellied Sunbird.


All, 5th & 6th July



3 thoughts on “Watch the Birdies

    1. Thank you, Pete. yes, we have quite a wide variety, that’s for sure. And we are doing our best to make the garden as ”bird friendly” as we can regarding plants and wotnot.
      And fortunately, our cats are generally well behaved.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are welcome, my friend 🙂 It’s the neighbours cats here that are the bothersome ones stalking the birds on the feeders. I wish they were as well behaved as your cats are 🙂


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