The Home Maker.

His first nest  has so far attracted no interest, so he set to work on another, almost right next to the first.

The nests are hanging from the branches of a tree in the neighbour’s garden.  This was what it looked like on Sunday morning. I could not get better shots than these as there is a lot of tree foliage obscuring the direct line of sight.

Hard at work ….

Sunday afternoon, about 16:00 hrs.

Fast Worker!

Monday  afternoon.

Tuesday morning, about 10:00.




8 thoughts on “The Home Maker.

  1. Hi Ark! I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I have decided to approach my nominations a bit differently this time. I am focusing on the first beautiful individuals that followed Growing Self. I just wanted to say thank you for taking a risk and hitting the follow button. I so appreciate you! Your critter photography and ABBA banter brings me sunshine daily! If you don’t participate in the award process, no worries! Just keep writing and taking amazing photographs!
    Thank you!! Roda
    Note:The post is scheduled for Monday.


    1. Thanks so much, Roda. It’s nice to realise I am a legend in my own lunchtime. I did all the Award Thingies when I first kicked off, but these days I tend to shy away from all the fame. (though it would be nice if it came with the fortune too. Sigh …) I think it was probably all the screaming groupies that got my wife worried.


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