Liar, liar pants on fire …. for Jesus

In my previous post, Dear Frank … you tell ’em, I made mention in one of the comments that Frank had altered part of the text. In its original form it read:

“It’s this simple: ALL people, including  gay and atheist people, will have to stand before their creator and somehow explain away all the wrong things they’ve done and all the right things they’ve failed to do.”

As a measure of the disingenuity on display when this was mentioned the word “straight”was inserted into the text in an effort to try to now make it  ‘all inclusive’ and not come across as bigoted. What a nice, thoughtful gesture, don’t you agree?

It then read:

“It’s this simple: ALL people, including  straight, gay and atheist people, will have to stand before their creator and somehow explain away all the wrong things they’ve done and all the right things they’ve failed to do.”

my emphasis

Silly me, I did not take a screen shot – yes, JZ did sort of mention it – so now we have Dear Wally, as is his want, ranting on that I am a liar!


Now, my thing is this: if there was no intent on singling out gay people then there would have been no point writing “straight” in the first place. The phrase ”ALL people” would suffice. By adding ”straight” it simply drew attention to how ludicrous – and bigoted – the sentence was in the first place.

I feel a bit like a bible expert studying the text of the Testimonium Flavianum! 

Oh, well, you lot will just have to place your bets as to whether this ”Satan’s Spawn” – moi – is on the level or if Frank & Friends  are simply making sure you know that ALL people, straights and gays and … and … atheists are in for a rough time when they meet that meglomaniacal, genocidal monster, Yahweh in his Jesus disguise – or even the pair of them if it turns out the Trinity is yet another piece of Christian bullshit.

Seriously, you  have to laugh.

Except that they breed and that’s a worry.



What a beautiful day it is over here in Jo’burg. let me b-off and get some lunch.

Later, Heathens.




27 thoughts on “Liar, liar pants on fire …. for Jesus

  1. I read it at his blog in the original form. Haven’t been back to read the switch-er-roo. I agree though. Changing it up does put more emphasis on the original phrasing.

    As for being called a liar . . . maybe Wally was predestined to call you that. 😉

    Enjoy your day and your lunch. 🙂

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  2. That’s the original wording because I had cut it out to make a comment and then changed my mind – Wally’s . . . delusional. . . ?

    Gorgeous day here, too, Ark! Great for lawn-mowing, which people are already doing at 7:42 a.m.
    * she waves to Zoe *

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      1. I know people who’ve had goats. They’ll eat every flower you have and have even been known to eat the clothes off the line. . .yes, really. They climb all over the place, too. I actually enjoy the exercise of mowing. . . it’s much more rewarding than the mental gymnastics Mr. M speaks about – now that’s tiring! 🙂

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  3. Love it! I find the mental dynamics absolutely fascinating.
    The desire of people like Frank to appear to be something seems much more important to them than actually being it. That demonstrates a de-facto divorce from a sense of ethics even no particular attachment to an ideology. For him it’s purely a matter of manipulating the image people have of him or his group- and how that plays out in the overall hierarchy.

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      1. Not entirely. This psycho-social tactic is exceedingly common. It’s used successfully by the religious and political demagogues. By fooling a subset of people, they assure and maintain their status in a group. That means lying is psychologically necessary for him- without it he’d be demoted in the social structure. He’s happy to jump from one position to another, as long as he thinks that means his importance isn’t diminished.

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  4. Seems Wally would rather call people liar than actually believe that his fellow Christian bloggers could ever be deceptive or dishonest. Brother Wally has been seduced by the Dark Side either without fully knowing it or being willing to admit it.


      1. He just doesn’t have much in the way of education or civility. He displays none of the marks of what a Christian filled with the spirit of God should be.
        I hope his Revival and Church Camp this week do him some good, because he’s more ‘lost’ than either of us

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  5. This kind of behavior is one of the reasons I started getting red flags about the authenticity of Christianity. I saw a consistent pattern throughout my years when I was a believer, especially among the hierarchy.

    But, no worries. They can ask their god for forgiveness, get re-washed in the blood, and one day join Jeffery Dahmer at the lord’s table in heaven.

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  6. All people, including straight, gay, black, white, bearded, druggies, drunks, bullies, twits, twats, Jews, WOGs, rapists, dog-kickers, murders, adulterers, burner at the stakers, Catholic Cardinals, other paedophiles, cat lovers, golfers, long skinny ones, short fat ones, ones with fleas, the flealess, the homeless, the devoid of humorists, the Godless, the infidels, the godless religious …

    Just some of the ones he missed out by not really knowing what ‘all’; means. (Dum’ Christian …)

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    1. Bugger—I spelt ‘murderers’ wrong. But God will forgive me, He knows my intent is pure, and before The Creation he forgave me in advance (but let me do it anyway, as a lesson in humility).

      Whose humility, though?

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  7. I just don’t understand it. It seems so fruitless to me. It is right in the name for moons sake. Atheist. A ( non) theist (some kind of god believer) We tell them, and tell them and tell them…We don’t believe there is a god. We are not convinced by their saved from horrible porn calluses on their hands god moment. We are not hiding a secret belief in god so we can sin. Heck theists have been showing us how to have more sin than ever …by becoming a church leader. So why threaten us with Hellfire, a judgement , a not there god?

    SO it goes like this. I an atheist die. I get rest in the nice cold nothing of non existence while Wally, ColorStorm, Mel, a few others dream sweet loving dreams of a don’t exist soul rising up to a not there heaven , where I will will fart on clouds while nothing is there judges me for nothing because there is no sin. Oh yes tell me again about judgement day, I need a giggle. Night all. See you in the morning. Hugs

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