Dear Frank …. You tell ’em!!

It’s this simple: ALL people, including gay and atheist people, will have to stand before their creator and somehow explain away all the wrong things they’ve done and all the right things they’ve failed to do. Without Jesus in their corner, I feel quite safe in writing that it’s not going to go well for them.


Interesting turn of phrase there from our  Frank. ALL people including gays and atheists. 

Love it!

Hmmm. Why not: All people including Faggots, Dykes and the Godless?

Or maybe: ALL people including disgusting Homos and non-Christians.

How about: ALL people including Queers, Queens, and  Christ-killer Jews.

Then we could have: Shirtlifters, Skirtlifters and Anti-Christ Catholics.


Yes, Frank you are a genuine sweetie! The personification of everything it is to be a Christian. Well done, mate. Canada is proud of you, I’m sure.

And of course …. Jesus loves you!

Ever had your fortune read Frank? I have a sneaking suspicion you are about to have it told you … in no uncertain terms!






65 thoughts on “Dear Frank …. You tell ’em!!

  1. The attitude, pathology, and lack of common decency — which requires no such belief whatsoever in any deity or creed to possess, learn, and share (identical to the Golden Rule) — behind statements like his are NO DIFFERENT than the same by ISIS, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, Lehi, Irgun, the U.S.’s LRA, Army of God, David Koresh, Eastern Lightning, or Phineas Priesthood.

    The message is the same: toxicity, violence (verbal and/or physical), and hate. Clearly the message Yeshua brought, yes?

    Nevertheless, thank goodness much of the intelligent, kind world KNOWS what biology, neurology, embryology, genetics, endocrinology, and paleoanthropology (to name just 6) have and are showing us about reality. 🙂

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    1. … gay and atheist people! Don’t you just love it? Isn’t that the Line of the Month!
      If one is a gay atheist does this help or hinder do you reckon?
      or what of one is a gay Christian, how does that work?
      I wonder if he will delete anyone else’s comments besides mine! lol. A real peach.

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        1. LOl. Did you see that Frank altered his comment and added ”straight” ….”gay and atheist.”
          He is an absolute fucking riot. What a steaming hypocrite of the first order.
          Frankie is not going to Hollywood!

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                    1. The Silicon chip switched to overload,
                      Before I knew it I was headed down the road,
                      What started as a run turned into a lurch,
                      And on the horizon, I saw a church,

                      Oh, Jesus , Jesus where you bin,
                      Come lay your hands on me I’m so full of sin,
                      I ‘m a leper for your love,
                      Turn my water into wine,
                      My palms are sweating , I’m gonna make you mine,
                      Blues riff in the Key of b

                      How’s that?

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                1. According to a post from a ways back, his family do not share his worldview (if memory serves). The meaning I got was Frankie’s on his own on this trip.
                  But it strikes me that guilt after some fashion seems to be a powerful motivator behind such cases.
                  Seriously, how on earth does a normal, rational ordinary reasonably happy human being ditch all common sense and become like some frothing at the mouth doom and gloom hyper dipshit?
                  I have actually taken time out and sat down and really thought about what it would take for me to convert.
                  And I cannot think of a damn thing. Not one.
                  It is all just far too alien and creepy, not to mention plain old bloody stupid to ever imagine me reciting the Apostles Creed and asking some ”spirit” to forgive my sins.

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                  1. Creepy is the word. Wally posted some videos from his church over the weekend and out of simple curioisity I watched one. Sweet Neptune, it was weird. All old people talking about their sweet delusions

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                2. It’s easier to sleep at night if you have a quick repent before bed. Just unload it all in a spirit of true confession and that’s it—all set up for goodly sleep, fresh for the morrow.

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      1. If he’s a ‘gay Christian’ he’d be much better off getting a job in the Catholic church—all the kiddies he can handle (so long as no-one talks).

        (And if he does get caught a few quickie ‘hail Marys’ — and at worst, a repentance — should get him off the hook and back onside with the Big Jeez.)

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  2. Ark, thanks for sharing/posting this. I had no idea this was still part of that original post I commented on. I HAD to say something to these dimwits Frank & Wally. Here’s my final comment to them over there…


    I feel very compelled to share this with you Frank and Wally after reading your comments…

    Here’s the truth, according to “God’s Creation”:

    Familiarize yourselves with the Guevedoces in the Dominican Republic:

    The Guevedoces are BORN with this not-so-uncommon anomaly, or to say it another way, it’s how God made them in the womb. They didn’t choose to be born that way.

    How common are intersexed births? From the ISNA’s (Intersexed Society of North America) Frequency page:

    Chromosomes not XX and not XY —- one in 1,666 births
    Klinefelter (XXY) —- one in 1,000 births
    Vaginal agenesis —- one in 6,000 births


    Total number of people whose bodies
    differ from standard male or female —- one in 100 births

    Source link:

    Read the entire page and/or website and do a comprehensive impartial study of the subject, especially embryology and developmental endocrinology. Please.

    Now, in light of this post & comments: why would God want or allow such children to be BORN this way only for Christians like yourselves to mock, discriminate against, bully, tell them horrible stories of where they are going after death, or treat them today as if they are lepers, inferior subhumans?

    If this is supposed to be the manifestation of love, understanding, and fellowship of the Christian God and its followers, no wonder I and most of the world want NOTHING to do with you all! How very sad.


    (shaking my head at them in disgust)

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        1. C’mon folks! Haven’t you figured it out by now? They DO NOT want the truth. They want their “Christian Story” and nothing but their “Christian Story.”

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            1. Perhaps.

              Ark, since I know you are a football/futebol fan — I am as well; use to play — I want to share an analogy about just how beneficial, healthy, sharpening, and maturing challenging competition truly is for our minds and bodies, and why we all need it weekly and regularly! This assumes Frank refuses to post my comment, by the way.

              As a collegiate and semi- or pro-athlete or serious competitive chess-player, you can only improve, refine, and perfect your skills, your game, your trade by playing with and against the BEST there is in the world. If you choose to stay strictly solo, or in the “lower-leagues” (an echo-chamber), never going out and PUSHING your limits, your envelope, stimulating your brain cells so that they can further expand… this has been shown to decrease early-onset or normal-onset Alzheimer’s and Dementia… and strengthening your cardio-physio elements, then you will never be nor know just how “excellent” you are or could’ve been.

              It is no different in religious apologetics.

              Types like Frank, Wally, and hundreds others I know like them, are indeed frustratingly sad and lazy, even when simply trying to dialogue with them in a civil manner. Incomprehensible. LOL

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    1. Everything that happens is the will of God. And God knew it would happen—He knew even before the Creation—yet still you ask “why would God want or allow such children to be BORN this way…”

      Sheesh, the answer is obvious.
      The Muslims have it down in a nutshell with their ‘inshallah’ (and instead of having to join the Catholic clergy they get all the kids they want to as part of Allah’s bounty).

      Any ‘gay’ is a product of God, The Creator, who knew even before He created anything (Himself too~?!!) not only who would but also who wouldn’t be gay—He created them that way. QED

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      1. Exactly Argus. You’ve carried the psychopathology to its natural end. Thank you. Did you know that I’m a Free-thinking Humanist with several Agnostic tendencies? Evil ones too? 😉 Granted, my approach may not have been the best.

        I try to talk/write in “their own language” and verbage just to establish some initial common understanding, i.e. that I’m quite familiar with their biblical exegesis, theology, doctrines, etc, from that life and seminary so that we MIGHT possibly have a productive discussion.

        If my comment is not deleted and actually posted, my rhetorical question(s) will lead most (hopefully) to the same theological conclusions you’ve made. I’m not holding my breath.

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    2. Professor the general Christian response to any fault found in creation is to give ‘God’ a pass and instead attribute it to the fall and sin entering the world.

      As usual ‘God’ gets a free pass as the logic is everything good and beautiful is because of ‘God’ everything bad is the result of sin.

      I would expect that Christians would rather just ignore the examples you raise as it complicates their simple worldview.

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      1. Yes Peter. You are correct and I expect(ed) that exact response. “The Debil made me do it” or sin infects and permeates every cell in all of Creation (cancer) is certainly an argument frequently abused. It leads to more rabbit-trails and rabbit-holes they eventually turn into a carnival merry-go-round. However, the MORE an apologist uses that argument, the worse it makes God’s “perfect Creation” look increasingly like a total farce — though they’ll never admit that verbally. If anything, it just doesn’t reflect well on their God’s omniscience and omnipotence. LOL 😉


      2. Peter:

        At the risk of becoming too tedious I have to point out again that God is The Creator, the first cause, the Prime Mover. Before Him—diddley squat.

        And He sees all, knows all … knew it all even before He created Himself, in fact.

        So to further be obvious (how else do we ‘debate’ with religious nutcases, hmmmm?) where did sin (and all who sail in her) come from, hey?
        Can’t be Satan, ‘cos God created Satan and the ultimate artificer can’t create a flawed product (not unintentionally, that is).
        In QA they insist on tracing defectives back to Root Causes—could we not apply some QA to the Holy Word?

        Ergo, all is well in Heav’n and Earth ‘cos all is going to plan. Boom boom~!
        God’s plan, that is, complete with Nazis and ISIS and napalm and nukes, and Satans, and Holy Inquisitions and Bibles and Korans and enthusiastic Christians (for all I know politicians too).

        While I’m here, can you send Eve over with a few apples, please?


  3. And I loooove this bit:

    “It’s this simple: ALL people, including gay and atheist people, will have to stand before their creator and somehow explain away all the wrong things they’ve done and all the right things they’ve failed to do. Without Jesus in their corner, I feel quite safe in writing that it’s not going to go well for them.”

    What explanations does the Grand Ultimate ‘know-all’ ever need?

    And if God knows in advance how the trial will end—what need (or use) of an advocate?

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    1. I AM afraid.
      Deathly afraid, in fact—not of Christ’s merry minions but of the knights of Islam (those loving-kind-compassionate-merciful)(peaceful, too) folks Europe and any other suckers are importing in their prolific fecund millions.

      The target should be changed, not Christ and his freaks, not Allah and his pederast profit (sic) bit irrationality (in all its forms).

      But I fear ’tis already too late. Happily I’m old enough not to have to lie in the bed younger idiots are making …

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  4. Ark, what I just posted at Frank’s post. Let’s see what this does…

    Frank, I made a comment earlier today which had two URL links embedded. Perhaps that’s why it may have gone to your Spam or Pending Moderation folder. Please check and let me know. Thanks.

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  5. You heathens and homosexuals should thank Frank for having the temerity to tell you hell, a hell run by a omnibenevolent being, awaits you all. Repent and believe 3 is 1 and 1 is 3 and you shall be saved

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