Feathers on Friday: New Species!

What better way for someone with an interest in ornithology to end the working week with a sighting and photographs of a new species to the Ark’s spot.

It visited yesterday for the first time, or at least the first time I was aware of it but by the time I made it to the garden it had gone.

It was back again today, and camera in hand I was out my chair like a shot the moment I heard this new call.

There was a group of five and  I managed to get photographs of one.  The shots are poor I’m afraid, but I am alert to them now so the next ones should be better. Fingers crossed. Meanwhile …. this is the Tawny-flanked Prinia. 





3 thoughts on “Feathers on Friday: New Species!

  1. Oh my. My Mom/Mum would love all your ornithological images Ark, being a serious birder herself for the last 25-years! 🙂 I/we have many stories of the various species and subspecies here in the Hill Country of Texas. Great pics by the way!


    1. I am genuinely surprised by the number of birds we get here. I have now photographed 42 separate species on this property alone, and there must be around half dozen more that I have seen but not snapped.
      What can I say … my undeniable charm! And the bird seed and the fruit trees and fresh water and the chance of nabbing a fish, cut apples and pears every day and ideal nesting sites … and my charm. Did I mention that?
      We are blessed, with bird-life that’s for sure. And well behaved cats, too it seems!

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