Apologetics and deconverting from atheism

Mel Wild has a post up about atheist conversion. Two videos about David Wood. He that tried to kill his father by bashing him over the head with a hammer. And there is also a mention of French computer scientist named Guillaume Bignon. You might want to look him up beforehand. Bignon had a nominal Roman Catholic background. Wood is a sociopath/psychopath
It would be interesting to get some former christian’s perspective on these two characters and maybe Mel is correct that these two atheist conversions really do dismiss cliched atheist claims?

Please pop over and say hello. Mel might be more amenable to other viewpoints.

In My Father's House

Recently, I’ve found myself plunged into the unfamiliar world of apologetics and interaction with atheists. While I do understand the arguments, it’s just never been that important to me.

It started with my blogging friend from across the pond, Paul (Just Me Being Curious), who invited me (and other

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7 thoughts on “Apologetics and deconverting from atheism

  1. >>> “As followers of Christ, our fight is not with people but against human reasoning…”

    Well now, that is quite a revealing statement! Logically, it can be extrapolated then that human reasoning is an obstacle to one’s belief in Christ. If I was an advertising agent, I would advise my Christian client that such an absurd message would produce the exact opposite result of what they had intended. Can you imagine the public reaction to a billboard like this?


    And, regarding the citation of supposed atheist deconverts, I have this to say:


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    1. This tactic is used by a number of evangelical type Christians. Habermas was involved in some manner with the supposed conversion by Anthony Flew, remember? Bad business this was.
      And you may also recall that Amanda Branyon had a thing for David Wood and cited him seemingly endlessly whenever she got on her soapbox over morality and the scourge of atheism.

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        1. Then watch the Wood’s video on Mel’s spot.
          He is a sociopath/Psychopath. Bashed his father’s head in with a hammer … because he felt like it … and later found Jesus. Makes one want to gag.
          Have no idea what the Branyans’ have been up to lately, to be honest.

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