Birds at the Ark’s spot

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These are pretty much all of the species of birds that have visited our spot over the past few years. That I am aware of, of  course! There are  a few that aren’t included, a Hammerkop which was by the pond one afternoon but I had no camera with me at the time, and we’ve had several visits from a ring-necked parakeet, but those were just fly bys, and were high and fast.

I hope that the collection increases even more as time passes. I know there are quite a number of species that I have not photographed that are found up here around Johannesburg. One being the Gymnogene, or African Harrier Hawk, which I heard from the local raptor society lives over on the golf course somewhere.  Who knows, maybe it will make an appearance and I will have the camera in my hand when it does.





7 thoughts on “Birds at the Ark’s spot

  1. I love it. I think of all the people I know who I interact with , you are by far the most excited over a new bird. I mentioned to a friend that there was a new bird at Arks spot, his reply “is she pretty, think she would go out with me”. “oh where the hell is Arks spot anyway, what kind of bar is it”. Sadly I have some pretty clueless friends! 🙂 Hugs

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  2. Messaging you here because I’m a chicken shit – Was still collecting brain splatter from reading a response to my RIP House Widow post when your “Are you being serious?” rode in on a white horse. Big hug 🙂

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