Watch the Birdy: Now here’s an interesting thing!

The last Feathers on Friday  post I included photos of  a Southern Masked Weaver hanging under his recently constructed nest.

Only male weavers construct nests and once complete these are inspected by females and either accepted or rejected, and in the case of rejection they are often dismantled. One reason males construct several – up to six – nests, often at separate locations which he will patrol, maintain and sing his little heart out in an attempt to attract a mate. After all this work I am surprised he can even raise a tune, let alone anything else.

Anyway … here is a photo of the Object of his Desire.

Phew! She’s Hot, don’t you think? A real flycatcher … er … I mean eye-catcher, of course!   You can see why the little feller works his tushy-feathers off, right?

So, to the Interesting Thing.

Before taking the dogs for ”Walkies!!” this afternoon,  I was in the back garden looking up at the weaver’s nest when a female weaver appeared. But not a female Southern Masked Weaver. Oh no, sir. It was a  Female Thick-Billed Weaver. One that I first noted and photographed a couple of weeks back.

(I have yet to see let alone photograph a Male Thick Billed Weaver. They are a deep reddish brown with a white patch on the forehead extending to the beak. That will be a treat and a half! )

And here she was on the nest of another species!  What gives, thinks I. See for yourself. (apologies for the quality, the light was already poor)

Thick Billed Weaver.

Doesn’t look as if she is helping out with repairs as she was quite rough pulling at the nest.

She hung about for ten minutes or so,flitting away momentarily then returning to fiddle with the nest once more.

Eventually, with no sign of Mr Southern Masked Weaver, Mrs Thick Bill flew off.

Only after she had left did he turn up.


Now the question is …. did she make a mistake, or has Mr Southern Masked Weaver been  doing a little  Avian Entertaining on the side? Hmmm!





8 thoughts on “Watch the Birdy: Now here’s an interesting thing!

  1. I was thinking Ms. Thick-Bill was conducting a little sabotage. Can birds smell? She may have been making the nest unappealing to a woman bird? Really sounds devious to me. Hugs

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