Coming in to land

Johannesburg International Airport (Oliver Tambo) is around 15 kilometers West from our spot and although we see aircraft overheard on a daily basis, such as this Air Namibia plane,

or small aircraft such as these …

seeing them land is another matter. All the commercial airliners use the same approach path to Jo’burg International and just by chance I was looking West as this late afternoon Emirates flight began its final descent. If you enlarge the shot, you can see the undercarriage is down and the flaps too!




7 thoughts on “Coming in to land

      1. sounds like it is much shorter and weighs a lot less than the old canon zoom lens I had, it was like 8-10 inches long ( not sure now but seemed huge and heavy.) and took a lot of strength to hold up. I had a canon A-1 with lots of gadgets I got in Germany. I gave up on it as soon as digital came out. Hugs


        1. It weighs hardly anything at all.
          I also have an old Olympus OM10 with a Tokina 300mm telephoto. Aside from the weight, the cost of developing film is way too prohibitive these days.

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          1. I understand. I dug the old camera out and found it still had film in it, not any good I bet. The camera was a great one for its day, expensive also. Funny story why I bought it. I was stationed in Germany. I went with a friend to some towns and took loads of pictures of the cathedrals, tourist sites and all these grand buildings. Tones of pictures, of which only a few outside shots came out. The inside shots were all just dark blobs. I only had an instamatic back then. SO as I was single with no bills, I marched off to the PX and bought the most expensive camera they had with all the gadgets. Then never used it. I use my digitals now more than I ever used the big canon. šŸ™‚ Oh well I was a young kid with little sense. Hugs

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