An apple a day …

… brings the Mousebirds out to play. Definitely what the Doctor ordered!

Speckled Mousebird.




8 thoughts on “An apple a day …

    1. We do tend to take the variety a little bit for granted , I must say.
      My father was over the moon last year as he had managed to attract a pair of Goldfinches to the garden, and this was the first time he had ever seen one …”live”.

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      1. Goldfinches are so lovely, and pretty uncommon, so I can understand your Dad’s joy. Our garden, despite verging on fields has very limited birdlife – blackbirds, sparrows, pigeons, wren and dunnock, though at the mo’ we do have swifts and swallows swooping overhead, and rooks and jackdaws out in the fields. Too many cats about the place I’m thinking.

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