For Tjs Household Haiku Challenge: Only and Full

Continuing with another controversial topic. Eating Animals.

Kia has an excellent post up.

And if you have the stomach for it look up the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

But be warned. I clicked on a link and within less than a minute I was in tears and a complete wreck.


The Recovering Know It All

Aren’t they Marvelous?

Once again, it’s time forTj’s Household Haiku Challenge. This week’s prompt is Only and Full. The idea is to take the prompt words, one or both or a picture that might fit, and create a Haiku, a three line… 5 syllable-7 syllable-5 syllable poem… to match or convey the thought or idea. Then share your wonderful creation in the comments below here, on TJ’s post and/or create a post of your own on your own blog to play along and link to ours. This will be good fun!! Now for mine.

Maltese Kiddos

We only have Two

Yet they fill us so fully

‘You can’t eat just one’


Just like Doritos.. But better

No… fear not, dear hearts, we don’t eat Dogs in this Household. Not even Cats. But what if we did? Have you ever thought of the reasons why we Love…

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10 thoughts on “For Tjs Household Haiku Challenge: Only and Full

      1. I think part of the reason is that carnivores immediately go on the defensive and feel they are being attacked.
        ‘Oh we don’t eat meat very often.’
        ‘Mostly we eat pasta or pizza.’
        ‘Well, what do you eat?’
        Tbh, after so many years of not eating dead animals it goes over the top of my head.


        1. I have gotten used to walking through the butchery at the supermarket these days, but for while after I first gave up it would turn my stomach and I’d have to leave the missus and go wait by the bread or something.


        2. Rs, for one who is still in transition, it really is a change in thought, tradition and presups. No less than deconversion from a religion. There is a parallel


  1. Thanks for the reblog. RS, is it possible that I deleted a comment you left on my post? Mr fumble fingers on the tablet tablet may have struck accidentally


  2. God gave us an ark-ful of animals for eating, beasts of burden, guardians, pets, and wearing. I don’t think She ever intended us to get all sloppy and sentimentally maudlin over them.

    And be warned, whatever your faithful companion: God will always take it back …

    (Still mourning my original BT)


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