Sorry to bug you …

There doesn’t seem to be too many ”bugs” around at the moment but I managed to photograph these two a couple of days ago.


Dyptera Mythicomyiid ( I think)

Paper Wasp


Ark. 13/6/17


11 thoughts on “Sorry to bug you …

  1. I’m having trouble finding anything but bees and earthworms the last two evenings. And I’m actively hunting as I have found myself trying to raise three European Robin fledglings. It’s kind of illegal but I don’t know what else to do but take care of them. 36 hrs in they are still alive and doing all the right things, so maybe they have a chance…

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      1. Welllll…. it’s complicated how I have them. Basically they would be already dead if I hadn’t stepped up to try. I’m a bad liar and if I say how I got them I’d be getting other people in trouble that would come back to haunt me in bad ways. I’ll send you a picture – they aren’t entirely tiny and are doing well so far.

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        1. Still even with him feeding them you are doing all the rest. I love the picture in my head with you out hunting bugs, beetles and worms. Oh just had a thought, don’t mix up the container with the bugs with your drink. Yuck. Hugs

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