Oh for gods’ sake!

I would like for some of my more theologically savvy readers to pop over to Mel’s spot, read the thread while it is still up and drop him a line or two.  And correct any of my errors as well as he seems to think I am way off the mark.

Appreciate it.






  1. I commented @ 5:15 pm his blog time and as of yet, I’m still in moderation. *sigh* And I was nice! (I’ll repost here if I get rejected.)


      • Well, as usual, I tried to be diplomatic so you may be disappointed. Anyway, here ’tis:

        Mel, you wrote: They are biased against the supernatural … as regards Ehrman, Hitchens, Dawkins, et al. But what’s the difference between them and the Christian apologists? Whatever side we are on, are we not biased against the other side? IMO, it simply boils down to what makes sense to “you” (speaking generally).

        You say that Ark’s sources have no credibility, but who is to judge? As a non-believer, I cannot put any credibility into the bible, but you as a Christian feel it is divinely inspired and thus is totally valid.

        It really all boils down to what side of the fence you are on.

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          • Probably true. But again, what you or I might consider “testable evidence,” believers will deny and reject. It’s all part of the process.

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          • There are historical and scientific standards.
            Miracles do not feature in either of these disciplines. And for good reason! 🙂

            And of course archaeology helps enormously.
            He is claiming the gospels are written by the supposed insert-name-here ”authors” and based upon eye witness testimony.
            Aside from anything else, this is just plain nonsense and it wouldn’t take the average careful reader who was going in ”cold” to work this out or at the very least have some very pertinent questions concerning authorship.


          • Not sure what your definition is for “careful reader,” but generally speaking, most Christians believe the same as he does and would not question authorship. You must remember, Ark, that you and I and other non-believers have spent many hours reading and researching in order to form our opinions. VERY few Christians go beyond the sermons they hear in church and/or their favorite scriptures.

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          • I should have been specific. Yes you are quite correct about authorship, and I meant to say that a careful reader, would soon realise they were not eyewitness accounts.


          • Ark-
            Do you ever actually read or think about what you write? This post here is dead, but I will challenge you to present one drop of PROOF, one drop of EVIDENCE per your own words regarding SCIENTIFIC STANDARDS……..

            SCIENTIFIC STANDARDS which you so preach, love, and enjoy………………present ONE, just ONE proof that has been observed, actually seen, verified, just ONE proof……….that the earth orbits at 67,000 mph. And no, don’t rely on hearsay.

            Please, just one eyewitness proof. Just one drop of pure science will do. PROOF is a bitch as it kills atheism every time.

            Careful now, that you don’t engage FAITH as your weapon. lololol.

            (as to your invitation at mels place, he has cleaned your clock)

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          • Where is my ‘five sighs’ button?’

            Maybe one of your friends however will see the greater implications of my devastating observations regarding your alleged apparitions.


          • @ColorStorm. I couldn’t tell from your comment so I figured to ask you. Do you believe the Earth does not orbit the sun? Hugs


          • @scottie

            Have YOU first hand ever seen the earth move one inch?

            Have you ever FELT the earth move one inch?

            Do your observational skills and common sense suggest to you that the earth has ever moved one inch?

            Try not to placate yourself by appealing to ‘scientists’ who have no more right to common sense than do you.

            So once more: does the idea of spinning trees, convoluted birds traversing in every possible direction, and upside down oceans appeal to your senses?

            Well then, maybe you should have a talk with somebody and tell them of this preposterous offense that the earth has apparently committed.

            These are questions for you, not me. tkx.


          • ColorStorm really? I assume you are smart enough to know the stuff you use in daily life is created by science. I could give you examples of everything from photos from space, Nasa, the space station, and even balloons that have gone up into the edge of the atmosphere. But why bother. Look at it this way. You think it is all a conspiracy to befuddle your holy book? no government, much less all of them, could pull off that. They can’t get the roads and bridges fixed for ghost sake. I guess you think the earth is a flat plate sitting on pillars with a dome over it and water surrounding the whole thing? IF so that says far more about you than I really thought possible. Well have a great first century day. Hugs

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          • Sorry scott, no ‘holy book’ needed.
            But your ‘science and proof?’ When? Where?

            Do your own homework. The horizon ALWAYS rises to eye level… Something impossible on your spinning carnival ride. 😉


          • Yes, Scottie… grow up for the gods’ sake, man!
            The earth is flat , sits on the backs of four elephants who in turn stand on the shell of a giant turtle that gently ”swims” through the endless sea of space while the moon and sun orbit it.

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          • You guys are a tandem laff a minute team.

            For people who supposedly worship science……….the same facts that you conveniently avoid condemn your ignorance.

            But maybe you both, (include all your friends too) have SEEN the topsy turvy spinning ball first hand…………or are you relying on the hearsay of Einstein? Or even dare I say: FAITH?????????????

            You crack me up. What was true a thousand years ago is true today. The same lies that men believed a thousand years ago, are still lies today.

            Tkx for the comedy. The idiots Degrasse and Nye need you to fuel their stupidity.

            Yeah, look up Nyes explanation of WHY ships supposedly disappear over the horizon. Pure comedy.


          • And the question back to you who “supposedly” worships god, have you seen this mute and invisible entity? Or are you relying on the hearsay of the bible authors?


          • Tkx nan, but we’ve been through this a thousand times.

            His word is good. Period. And life testifies to ultimate design, and the Owner of all design.

            Then there is the conscience, so missing from the hyenas, who can only snicker.


          • If only to clear up any misunderstanding do you believe:
            a) the earth is flat or a sphere?
            b) the earth revolves around the sun?



  2. As per his first comment, you could ask him if he’s ever read any of the 70+ so-named ‘apocryphal’ books, and query why the editors didn’t include those.


  3. Is anyone actually reading the Bible any more? It seems to me that if we all sat down next to a river (or mountain or field) and read the Bible from beginning to end we would have a gazillion questions, none of which are answered by organized religion. Just tell everyone to read The Handmaid’s Tale and we’ll have a whole different conversation.

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  4. Bugger~! Hand of God at work again, I thought that (above) was going to JZ.
    Meant for him, I may have to pray before posting in future (otherwise ol’ Shaitan will interfere, again.)

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