Traces of the Past – Black and White Sunday

Probably the oldest thing I own!

For Paula’s  Traces of the Past


8 thoughts on “Traces of the Past – Black and White Sunday

    1. I cannot be sure where I got this penny from? I have a suspicion it came from my grandfather, but I would not swear to this.
      Anyway, as it is 2017 and the coin was minted in 1917 it seemed the ideal time for it to make an appearance.

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  1. Oh goodness, I’m younger than you but have much older stuff! I inherited my family photos from my mom who got them from her dad who was born in 1900 and collected all the family pictures, etc. I have the family bible, too. Well older than 1900…


    1. Wow! Older than 1900, that’s something special.
      I occasionally worry that holding on to old things keeps me in the past too much, but then I remember that all the best music is there so what the hell, right? *Smile*
      A band I never got to see, sadly, but a dear friend who I worked with when we were apprentice hairdressers together saw them in London. Lucky bastard!


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