Hoopoe: Feathers on Friday

My eyes are not the sharpest at the best of times and from where I was this looked little more than a blurry blob among the upper branches of the neighbour’s tree. I knew it was a bird, but because of all the dappled shade I could not make out details until I fetched the camera.

Another one that is an infrequent visitor – or at least one that seems to pop by when I am generally not aware!

And we can include these in Paula’s Landscape/Portrait theme as well.

 Lost in translation



12 thoughts on “Hoopoe: Feathers on Friday

    1. They have quite a wide distribution but not as far as the Americas or Can. The European/Asian Hoopoe migrate south toward the tropics over winter but the sub- Saharan ones are sedentary and stay put.
      Their call is similar to the sound of their name.


  1. That’s a mighty and sharp beak, larger than its whole head! I see blurs too – thank you for showing this unexpected and rare visitor – this is an unexpected and a rare surprise which I love! Thank you, Ark. Wishing a restful weekend to you and your lady!

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