Snoozing, on a sunny afternoon ….

Django, the ginger cat, is almost 16 and is now completely blind. Meeka, his nap buddy, is 14 and they are the oldest surviving cats in our household.

I posted a similar shot last year, which goes to show that this is obviously one of their favorite spots.

We only have five cats these days and two of those have been adopted from out immediate neighbours. In fact one adopted us!






  1. Ah Ark, your photo is grand. I see many on twitter of cats that are not as good as yours. But I am worried about your …ah…Cat house…personnel level. You need more cats and young ones. Your working cats are aging out on you. Does Meeka act as Django’s seeing eye cat? Hugs

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    • Django seems to sort himself out as far as seeing goes and spends most of his time sunning in the garden or snoozing.
      I think we have had plenty enough cats in our time, Scottie!

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      • Oh yes, I have to say you have done far better than we have. Much better. However the problem is so large every adoption helps. I admire how you can get them all to get along, we have trouble introducing new cats as the others fight so much. People say that instead of breaking them up we should just let them work it out. But I worry they will hurt each other. I love how you will let cats and dogs adopt you. Grand. Most would be so human. Hugs


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