Watch the birdy: Fiscal Flycatcher

Fiscal Flycatcher perches on the Coral Tree.





    • Hello Colonialist, why did your aunt have that policy? Are the birds bad or dangerous. Arks picture looks so cute and the feathers so fine as to be downy. I found the picture so good I wanted to pet the bird 🙂 Guess it is good I did not get the chance. Hugs


      • The fiscal shrike has very similar plumage but is given away by a slightly hooked beak. That one is a predator of small birds and chicks, and is known as a ‘butcher bird’ or ‘Jackie Hangman’ from its charming habit of hanging prey on thorns or barbed wire to keep for the next meal.

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        • Thanks. Sounds gruesome but I have to remember it is nature. Still I am glad I don’t have to deal with it or see it. We have lots of prey birds, hawks and eagles. We think it is the hawks that sometimes drop parts or whole prey on our roof. I don’t see them, but I just don’t think the eagles would do that. We do have to tell people to watch out for their small dogs and also cats as they will get taken. I have seen it. I was surprised they could get cats as cats are so fast, but the attack seemed to come out of nowhere, the bird was just suddenly there, snatched, and was well away before I could do anything. Hugs


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