Black & White Sunday. After and Before.


Painted Lady on Cherub.

Most sunny afternoons as the sun begins to make its way towards the western horizon, a Painted Lady butterfly will appear, land on the front lawn and sunbathe. Or whatever the butterfly equivalent is.  I have been watching this behaviour on and off for nearly two seasons now and there seems to be a regularity to it that is just a bit odd. Except on a single solitary occasion, when two butterflies turned up, did a spot of spontaneous pirouetting and then nipped among the the leaves of the palm tree for some …ahem … privacy, there has never been more than one butterfly.

I have taken photographs on a number of  occasions but yesterday was the first time I had ever witnessed the Painted Lady choose another surface to top-up on her ”tan”.

A one-off  moment that is highly unlikely to come around in a very long time. Lucky, really.

My thanks,as always to:

Paula’s. Lost in Translation:   After and Before B&W Sunday challenge.




8 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday. After and Before.

  1. That’s a perfecting landing lane for painted lady. Wonderful capture, Ark and edit is cool too. It’s nice to see it with and without the colour. Normally I prefer cherubs monochrome and painted ladies – painted 😀 Thanks so much, mate.

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