Cake over the fence … Birthday & Wedding.

Collected this afternoon; Mini-Mouse 1st Birthday

Delivered Yesterday:  Wedding Cake for a pair of fanatical  anglers.



    • I have not met the couple , but I’m reasonably sure they are merely figurines Emily found. The fish are made from white chocolate painted with silver food colouring.
      The flowers are real.
      The cake is: one tier Chocolate with a mousse filling, one tier vanilla with an orange creme sort of filling that Emily invented herself, I believe…. delicious too, and the third tier, not sure but it had a caramel filling.
      Iced in butter cream and the little balls are fondant.
      That’s about all I know.


        • The top tier was brought home – Emily attended the wedding – as the groom was afraid he and his wife would miss out on a piece . There were 100 guests.
          He instructed Ems to ”Take it home and keep it in the freezer.” (her words to us)
          He said that either he or his wife would pick it up after their honeymoon!

          Our wedding cake was something we were told was sponge and the bottom tier was hard-as-nails fruit cake. We chucked it out!


          • Every wedding should have a ‘cake’ story. Here’s ours:
            We had a professional cake-maker – (I said ‘we; hubby couldn’t have cared less about the damned thing) make a three-tiered cake, complete with little ‘pillars’ to hold up the layers. When I took the pillars back to the lady she said, “Didn’t I give you eight of those?” I said, “No, that’s what was there after the wedding reception”. Never thought another thing about it.
            Of course, in those days the photographer took a bunch of pics and you got the proofs back about eight weeks later. (Understand, we’re talking eons ago – 1977) Going through the pictures, lo and behold, there was the evidence in the pics – eight elegant pillars! We never did find out who absconded with a unique keepsake; but I suspect it was one of the inebriated guests. 🙂

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          • How about this …. We couldn’t afford a professional photographer so my friend, Tim, a co-worker at the salon in Jo’burg I worked at offered.
            No probs, says I, and he used my old Olympus Trip.
            In the church, he had to stand a respectful distance from the altar and the priest asked if he could shoot without flash.
            After the ceremony, we went to take outdoor shots at a local park before heading to the reception.
            When Tim climbed out of his car I noticed the lens cover was on the camera.
            ”You took that off in the church, right?” I joked.
            ”Took what off?” he replied.


  1. Not having a sweet tooth I’d rather a hotdog than a cake—but no hotdog is such a work of art!~ Boom boom!

    What damned Philistine could break into one of those things with a view to eating it? Or sending souvenir bits to folks … sacrilege~!


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