Worldless Wednesday …. Hello? God?

So far nothing has been forthcoming from God regarding the Manchester Bomb attack.

Perhaps he is just too damn busy right now answering all those prayers?

Wordless Wednesday indeed.


Edit: This just came in from God. Wow!  I can absolutely unequivocally and without reservation personally guarantee this is the authentic voice of God revealed by divine revelation, and not delusion at all … honest … as heard through the voice of the late Phil Lynott.

Listen carefully ….





17 thoughts on “Worldless Wednesday …. Hello? God?

  1. Hey ark-

    Maybe you should tell us what God should do AFTER the carnage, or what He should have done BEFORE the carnage.

    save us all a lot of unnecessary posting. Tkx.


      1. I come in broad daylight asking a serious question regarding YOUR post, and you must at whatever cost, ply your diversionary tactics to avoid answering a pertinent and serious question.

        Surely this will not be lost on your more erudite readers.


        1. HA! I find it fascinating that you “scold” Ark for not answering your “pertinent and serious question” when this is a tactic you have used time and time again. Surely you can see the irony in this …

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          1. Hi nan.

            Sorry, but you misinterpret what you think are ‘non answers,’ when they are usually spot on and address the root of the issue.


    1. CS—

      sadly there’s nothing He could do or have done before or after.
      Once He’d actually set the ball rolling it had to roll exactly as He made it.
      Short of infinite splitting of the increasingly myriad Path(s) endlessly every mini-second, He’d be eternally busy creating new universes for all the different options to play out in, no?

      I just take comfort in that everything is working out nicely for Him—exactly as He planned (and knew it would) before The Creation (couldn’t work out any other way, now, could it?)

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    1. Ooops … that was addressed to Ark, not CS.

      I think God will give CS top marks for trying politeness and persistence. It would be a pity if he gets to his well earned Paradise and finds it full of scantily clad damsels and endless wine when he was expecting an eternity of singing praises and other sycophantic activities, but there ya go. (For myself I rather like the idea of Valhalla …)

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    2. I know! Aren’t I the lucky one.
      I heard he likes to watch re-runs of Days of Our Lives and Neighbours. He has the hots for Kylie Minogue apparently.


      1. Who didn’t? (Oops … being an omnipresent He can like her for eternity and she’ll never grow old, dried up, raisin-like and/or wrinkled. Lucky ol’ Him, I say … anyway, Ollivia Neutron Bomb (when young) was much more to my taste …


          1. Oh, wow … I used to have this number in my wee iPod thingy, and would play it over and over as I was haring around the bog on a quadbike. Thanks for that, v. much~!


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