Hear me calling … hear me calling you.

Male Cape Weaver.




25 thoughts on “Hear me calling … hear me calling you.

          1. Smile.
            Yes, I can understand why. Sorry.

            During the day I am currently watching the weavers doing construction duty in the tree in the neighbours’ garden.
            But the one in the photo who was responsible for the last nest that got destroyed by an uppity female weaver does not look as if he is ready to mate as he has not yet developed his black mask, unless he is a different species? I am not so clued up.

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          2. This is my understanding as well. Perhaps they build nests even while immature – get a bit of practice in to prepare them for the tears when their handiwork is ripped to shreds in five minutes flat!

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  1. Calling you-ooo-ooo-oooooooo-wooo-wooooooooooooo … wooo woooooooo

    Bugger — it’s a long time and I never did get a proper handle on those fearsome lyrics 🙂


      1. Coulda been. Nelson Eddy? Memory forbids … no point leaving a ‘memo to self'(I always forget to look at them).


      2. Speaking of Frank Ifield, the Australian was number 1 for seven weeks in the UK in 1962 with this song, and the distinctive yodel sound:

        Good memory Ark!


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