Love is …

Pair of Common Bulbuls.

”So, there was I, having a chat with the bloke who puts out the bird seed and what have you, y’know, and I reminded him politely that, not to sound ungrateful or anything, but a bit of variety on the fruit front wouldn’t go amiss. What with fruit around ‘ere getting a bit sparse at this time of year, know what I mean? Anyhow, he told me to look out for some pear in a day or two. Nice, eh?”



6 thoughts on “Love is …

      1. In the beginning, to gain their trust, sure. The idea was to get them off the street and into homes. Unfortunately, they wanted nothing of that little plan… Just mince, satchels, and a variety of for-ever changing dry food (the most expensive, naturally).

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  1. I love the term ‘birdseed’. (How deep must it be sown, and how do you harvest your birds …?)
    Truth be known, I just love the English language. A brilliant tool both for and/or against any issue.

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