Watch the birdy.

I hope you lot aren’t getting fed up with the bird photos?  If you are … remember, blogs are like the TV; there is an off button!

Anyway, today’s offering, while not the best shot is a rare treat for me.

This is a Southern Boubou.

It  is only the second time in fourteen years that I have seen one! Which definitely makes it worthy of the exclamation mark.

As I was walking back down the garden toward the office I saw movement in the bottle brush tree. Because I have missed numerous photo opportunities, these days I try to remember always to grab a camera when I step out to stretch my legs.

This is what I initially glimpsed.

I froze on the spot!

She may not look anything special but believe me she is!

She worked her way through the branches and eventually perched next to a dove over the feed tray.

The tray was empty of other birds. But full of seed. She would have it all to herself. Was she going to  fly down?

She certainly was!

And I  managed just one shot. But one was enough.

With Liverpool wining 3-0 yesterday and qualifying for the Champions League next season, I was smiling all Sunday evening, and to photograph this rare beauty on Monday meant I ended up grinning like an idiot!




  1. Your excitement is contagious, Ark! She’s a beauty!! 🙂
    (I love to see your birds; you have such an assortment compared to these colder climes)


    • I did a double take. I ‘m serious. They are so shy and as wary as anything.
      As I mentioned, this is only the second time I’ve seen one. The first time was about four or five years ago and it was – unusually – quite high up in the branches of the acacia tree.
      I got a single photograph,but it is barely more than a smudge.


  2. Birds is good. We should bird more often …

    Now come down here and shoot a fantail, boom boom! That, Sir … is a real Challenge! (And I live in hope that maybe, one day …)


  3. Hmmmm. You’re really getting into this picture-taking. Bees, birds, beetles, bugs, butterflies …

    ‘Suppose it’s better than bashing believers. 😀


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