Watch the birdy.

“Running Repairs on the Nest”

Cape Weaver ties off a loose end or two.






  1. Clever them birds is. (Can you imagine if dinosaurs hadn’t transmogrified into cute little birds, and were that clever … brrr~!)


      • How could anyone ever forget the cute wee buggers … think what the Colonel could do with them, if ever the genius of science manages to resurrect them—“A box of drummies to take away and a few chips, please”~?
        Brrr …


    • Thank you , Emmy.
      The are devilishly hard to photograph at the nest
      I have been trying to get a shot from underneath, but alas, I can’t stand and wait all hours just for the darn birds to pitch up!
      I’m not blessed with that much free time or patience!

      I was lucky to hear his call and turn just as he arrived. I managed two shots before he was off again, and just as well, because this morning the nest was gone, likely destroyed by a female who did not consider it was her ”dream home.”

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