Watch the birdy.

“Running Repairs on the Nest”

Cape Weaver ties off a loose end or two.





25 thoughts on “Watch the birdy.

  1. Clever them birds is. (Can you imagine if dinosaurs hadn’t transmogrified into cute little birds, and were that clever … brrr~!)


      1. How could anyone ever forget the cute wee buggers … think what the Colonel could do with them, if ever the genius of science manages to resurrect them—“A box of drummies to take away and a few chips, please”~?
        Brrr …


    1. Thank you, Pete.
      Turns out his efforts were not up to scratch as the nest had disappeared this morning. Perhaps his future spouse was not impressed with his handiwork? The females can be very picky, and will destroy any nest that they consider substandard in minutes. One reason males build up to six nests at various sites..

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    1. Thank you , Emmy.
      The are devilishly hard to photograph at the nest
      I have been trying to get a shot from underneath, but alas, I can’t stand and wait all hours just for the darn birds to pitch up!
      I’m not blessed with that much free time or patience!

      I was lucky to hear his call and turn just as he arrived. I managed two shots before he was off again, and just as well, because this morning the nest was gone, likely destroyed by a female who did not consider it was her ”dream home.”

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    1. Smile … and I just posted a second guess.
      I would never in a b’zillion years have offered this as a guess, and I grew up listening to that ”Yell” as supposedly performed by Ron Ely who played Tarzan on the 60s TV series.
      Who’s showing his gray hair now?

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