Feathers on Friday

1.Speckled Mousebird -“Just hanging out by myself.”

2.Grey Lourie atop the acacia tree in the back garden against the backdrop of an azure sky and the moon still up.

3.Juvenile Male Cape Masked Weaver.“Nope … and it’s not under here, either!”

4.Male White-Bellied Sunbird.

5.Cardinal Woodpecker looking for a snack.

6.Cape Masked Weaver does some minor repairs to his nest.

( the shot was overexposed so I exaggerated it)

7.Bronze Mannikin preening.

8.Pair of Bronze Mannikins.“I say! Do you mind putting your foot somewhere else, for goodness’ sake.”

9.Indian Mynah atop one of the old chimneys. ( We have a resident pair that make their nest here every year)

10.Juvenile Male Cape Masked Weaver waiting his turn at the seed tray.

11. Female Cape Sparrow.“Shake it baby!”

12.Female White-Bellied Sunbird.


All taken over the past week.







  1. I noticed the male white bellied Sunbird is much more colorful than the female. I understand that this is popular in the animal kingdom. What I don’t understand and confuses me a lot is why the females of the animal kingdom put up with it. The females of the human world dont and wont allow it, that males would be more colorfully arrayed. 🙂
    As for the pair of Bronze Mannikins the phrase “I get by with a little help from my friends” comes to mind there. Hugs

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah. It’s official. I’m jealous.
    Not sure if it’s because you have an astounding variety of birds to hear and watch or because your photos are consistently delightful.


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