THURSDAY’S SPECIAL: TRACES OF THE PAST: It’s Only Rock n’ Roll But I like it.


Preserved in hard plastic by my brother,  the ticket for the first major band I ever saw.

I had to bunk school and catch the train to ensure I got to Manchester on time. My absence was noted, and upon my return to school the following day I received a weeks’ detention from my house master and a five minute lecture on the responsibilities of being President of the Student Council etc etc. ( My one major claim to fame as Student Pres: Soft toilet paper in the girls’ toilets! I was regarded as a hero for a short while.)

Once my serious grilling was finished and punishment dished out, he closed the detention register and said with a broad smile.

“So what was the concert like, then? I have always wanted to see the Stones, you lucky sod!”

The red thing in the bottom left hand corner? A rose petal.

The 45rpm record, Angie had just been released, and during performances of the song, Jagger would throw a bucket full of petals into the audience. I was within catching range!

Sentimental nonsense, I know, but I was a kid and these things were important!


Thanks as always to Paula.


11 thoughts on “THURSDAY’S SPECIAL: TRACES OF THE PAST: It’s Only Rock n’ Roll But I like it.

  1. I don’t blame you a bit for exercising your bragging rights, Ark. I mean, The Stones !!

    I can think of many accolades re: Student Council Presidents but yours tops ’em all! Made me grin. . .

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    1. There was a bit more which I forgot. I went with two mates who had handed in ”Sick Notes”! As we sat together in most classes, our absence was fairly obvious.

      My mother would not give me a sick note, but as she knew I was a bit of a mental Stones fan at that stage she didn’t forbid me from bunking, but I had to accept any consequences.
      So when I got hauled up in front of Mr Powell, the house master I bit the bullet and told the truth – and got off lightly.
      But my mates, Andy Currie and John Karn got busted and received a whole month of detention for lying.

      Ah, yes. When we wos young, right?


  2. I love when you are sentimental! This is precious memory without exaggerating, and I am honoured Ark. Yes, I am. Playing the video now… my thanks go to Jagger and you.

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