Leading you up the garden path. Homegrown.

Figs coming along nicely, though I reckon the birds will have more than us. We consider it is a fair trade off.

Cocktail tomatoes among the fuchsias. Have no idea how they got there, possibly via a bird’s bottom.

One of several Chili plants we relocated to the garden from pots last season. This is the second time since it was moved it has borne fruit. But winter is on the way …

Lawn Bean is striving as hard as it can. Will it hang on before winter arrives?

Tomatoes. Last of the season. They sprouted from the patch where we bury all vegetable waste. I’ll have to pick them  soon in case the bugs have them.


Brassica: Not sure if it’s Brussels Sprouts or Broccoli?

One of four lemon trees laden with ripening fruit. Grown from seed shortly after we bought the property, they are a blessing. There is something very special about wandering up the garden path and being able to pick you own fruit and vegetables.




    • *Smile*
      As far as I am aware it is just an ordinary runner bean that I discovered growing in the lawn. Goodness knows how it got there – I certainly didn’t plant it.
      So now it has a brand new genus name -Lawn Bean – courtesy of moi, and is on the highly protected list …. hence the bricks!


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