Smelly Wellies – a bit of Poe er Tree … for Emmy.

When it rains all cats and dogs,

And the veggie patches are like bogs,

And the weather is generally quite smelly,

You need more than shoes – you need a Welly,

They’ll keep your feet so nice and dry,

Even if they’re not very spry,

But do take care to check and see,

You have no visitor, such as a bee,

Where it is nice and warm – aaah, just the thing,

‘Cos a dirty great foot she is sure to sting!



for emmy at unbuttoned or undone







24 thoughts on “Smelly Wellies – a bit of Poe er Tree … for Emmy.

      1. I’m afraid we don’t have a lot of rain these days here in Arizona. Just now entering the dry 100 degree plus time of year.


      2. I don’t know about posh Ark, but thank you. Your poem made me smile and warmed my heart.
        Yes it is a good idea to check the wellies before putiing a foot or a hand in there.
        When I was toddler in Tchad, a scorpion hid from the sun in one of my wellies and stung me. The experience gave me my very first early childhood memory! T


      1. Of course children as we were would never think of such things, innocent as they are. Enjoy the rain and the day, Brother ark


        1. Maybe, when we were innocent kids … if we were really ever, but today? Hmmm … I doubt it.
          What with the Facetube and what have you …

          No rain today far. But damn cold.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. This was based on a true experience from when I lived at home.
      All the wellies and other garden paraphernalia were kept in a utility room adjacent the kitchen, and one rainy Saturday I went to put my boots on … oops. Hello, Mrs Bee.
      You can guess the rest.


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