Still raining: 52-weeks photo challenge.

Rained Yesterday.

Then cleared up for a bit.             



Then rained again


And it rained this morning …

and it’s raining now … and it’s cold. Brrr.





    • You can bet! It’s dark here now, and it is still raining. The dogs don’t like the rain or the cold. When they go outside for a wee it is like watching Scooby – Doo running. Too funny.

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  1. I just love that first photo of the red flower! Is so beautiful! You surely have a lot of rain 🙂 thanks for joining the challenge 😊


    • Ah … the header. That’s the flower of the bottle brush tree.
      In actual fact this rain is most unseasonal for Johannesburg. We are in the middle of autumn and it is generally very dry. Global warming?

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      • Global Warming? Forgive my unintentional advertising here, when we get home later I shall post a wee chart that I trust the source of but haven’t verified … (it shows—purports to show—temperatures over the last few years. Oodles of years. Okay, millennia …

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  2. We here in So. Oregon are STILL experiencing rain! Although it’s more like showers, we are getting VERY tired of it. This winter has seemed to drag on FOREVER! It’s actually not that unusual to have showers in May, but the rain has been going on for so long, one wonders if it will ever stop.

    Nice shots of your rain. 🙂


    • It was. Hail too. Today it’s blowing a gale but only 10% chance of precipitation. Sunny and blue skies.
      There’s all these woo- woo sounds behind me from the lounge as the wind blows through where the old anthracite heater once was!
      We looked at stats this morning and today in 2015 we had at a temp of 25! It was all T shirts.
      Crazy weather.


  3. Hah! You get rain like we get rain.

    But ours in Southland is only sometimes … up north in Auckland … okay, to not digress, their showers would sink battleships.

    And the briefest period of time, too small even to be measurable on any known equipment, is called the ‘parglug’. (A parglug is that theoretical period between showers in Auckland …)

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