Watch the birdies – Yesterday afternoon

Pair of young Mannikins.

Mum & the Kids.

Olive Thrush 

Crested Barbet

Thrush & Barbet

Green Woodhoopoes


A bowlful of bird seed and a apple cut in half  is all it takes to attract some attention.




  1. Hello Ark, I wish I had known that was all it took to attract when I was dating. Sure would have cut the costs of dating down, apples were cheap then. I wonder at the muscle development in our backs and shoulders to support wings. Can you imagine the difference birds would face if they had our sentience? Right now their flight is instinctual. However imagine if they had to go through everything we do to master a new physical feat. How many would say to heck with it, I will just walk? I don’t want to put in the effort, or I am too scared, I don’t want the responsibility that comes with flying. I can envision a whole group of parent birds comparing teaching their kids to fly like human parents talk about potty training their offspring. Grand. Hugs

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