Afternoon Shower.

The sun continued to shine while clouds rolled across the sky and within an hour we had a brief downpour.

Quite unseasonal for Johannesburg, but very welcome all the same.

Meanwhile …. at the other end of the garden.

Hadeda Ibis tries to keep her ‘head down’.





    • At first we thought it was a weird type of lemon – the tree was here when bought the place. But we have since discovered it is a species of Sour Orange, although we cannot establish for definite which one.
      We have five regular lemon trees – all grown from seed and all producing abundantly. An investment that has paid dividends!


      • Indeed you are! Beautiful shot too.

        I’m enjoying the change in wildlife here, compared to the UK. Though I do miss the Magpies. Don’t have any here. The closest relative being the all too common Blue Jay around here. At least the cat’s safe. She and the Magpies were sworn enemies – they used to dive bomb her regularly.

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        • We have a pair of Mynahs’ that regularly nest in an old, disused anthracite heater chimney and when their young are born the too dive bomb the cats as they trot across the lawn.

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          • It is a mixed blessing. They are an introduced species and this causes some problems. One such being they are very territorial, and they will chase other birds, especially during the breeding season. One species to have felt the ”wrath” of the Mynahs’ is the Pied Wagtail. Once a regular visitor to our spot it hardly ever makes an appearance these days.
            (Haven’t seen one for a couple of years in fact)

            That’s life …

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  1. I’ve never had a problem with mynahs … but magpies used to dive-bomb me when jogging. As a boy I was brilliant with stones, a few brief defensive barrages taught them to keep their distance. Couldn’t do it now, just no good no more with rocks. But in town in season the blasted seagulls take over from the maggies—and in town there ain’t no rocks when ye needs ’em.
    Rotten bird brains mutter mutter mutter …

    Nice shots~!

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    • Thanks, Argus. I am just about getting the hang of the Cyber Shot at last.
      The Mynahs are no probs to us humans, either, and we’re just a bit far from the sea, so no worries from Gulls!


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