Ark on the Street. Bunch of random stuff.

Strolling gardeners.

Hey, don’t you know it’s Rude to Point?

It’s the Rozzers!

I’ve got my sign.

On y’bike!

Toothpaste Taxi

What happens when you arrive home from work during a Power Outage (sic) and find the auto gate won’t open!

We have a smoke and (presumably) phone the wife and ask where are the keys for the gate motor!

Someone by the golf course lighting a rather large  and suspicious bonfire!

Art for art’s sake

Autumn colour

And again.

Just Looking

Hedging his bets?

Is there a danger of going around the bend?






  1. I love them Ark. But I have to admit I burst out in laughter at the toothpaste van. I was picturing in my mind an emergency toothpaste delivery service. Go to brush your teeth and be out of the special sensitive flavored time bending restoring paste you use. No problem, call the toothpaste van delivery service and they will rush it right out. Not dressed, that is OK, the drivers specialize in tossing your favorite brand through any open window. Please make sure the window selected belongs to you and is open. The toothpaste delivery service is not responsible for either broken windows of angry neighbors busing in to your bathroom waving newly arrived containers of tooth cleaner.

    Oh on the guy with the powerless gate. His driveway and house are below street level it seems. During a rain I would think they would flood a bit. Must have a really great sump pump or a good drain to pass it on to those in lower homes. 🙂 Hugs

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    • The mini-van taxis are often known as mobile coffins and do not have a good reputation over here. Terribel if truth be told.
      I guess the advertising pays a bit towards maintenance, though from the general un-roadworthy condition of most of them you would never know it.

      Yeah, I am sure he does have a bit of trouble when it rains heavily. I know it wasn’t so great for us when we once had a house below street level and was one of the reasons we vowed never to buy any property in this situation again.

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