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The Pond

What was once the pool is now the pond, and has been since the day we moved here. It  is the centre of the garden, and although the koi and goldfish that live in it are confined, they are almost guaranteed a long and relatively stress free life.

Granted, we have the annual visits from the Herons and the occasional visit from the Reed Cormorant, and even a single visit from a Hammerkop, but we have lost no adult koi.

The fish regularly spawn these days and we now have around a hundred fish all told.







Paula’s Thursday Special -Pick a word.



  1. That’s a happy looking crowd, and the most cheerful version of confined that I could see. Great entry, Ark. It made me smile. Your property looks beautiful 🙂

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    • I think the term is ”a bit rambling” . The house was built in 1924.
      It was (then) a 2 bedroom cottage and one of the first houses on the ridge.
      The owners had it built east facing so’s they could sit on the stoep and watch the sunrise.
      These days, although we are still high up, houses and trees block much of what must have been an amazing vista.
      We still have a great view, but we have to walk to the edge of the property.

      The fish are like part of the family these days. A few are nearly 20 years old!


  2. Your yard is spectacular! No wonder so many birds come to visit. And as for the pond, I am so jealous! Koi and Goldfish are illegal here. They are so beautiful and how wonderful that they will eat out of your hand. So, so jealous…


  3. One always thinks of Africa as being hot and sultry—that looks quite frosty~!

    Dumb question time, do you ever get in there with mask and flippers and meet them face-to fa … beak to bea … nose to nos … … head on?

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