confined,   jazzy, patulous, momentous, serene,


August 6th 1977.

My best mate, Graham and I were jammed right up against the small stage at Eric’s Nightclub in Liverpool.

(The Cavern was within spitting distance) to see Jazz-rock bassist, Stanley Clarke on his short European Tour to promote the release of his album Schooldays. He is actually playing the title song on this photograph, according to the footnotes in my ancient dilapidated photo album.

I was so close I could have reached out an touched Stanley’s moccasins! Directly on my right was a huge PA that caused my ears to ring for several days after this gig.

The bloke on the left, is Raymond Gomez, the band’s guitarist.

Definitely a night to remember.

This was shot using an old Kodak Instamatic 110.

My first word.Jazzy, for  Paula’s Thursday Special -Pick a word.

And here’s the song in question!



  1. Oh, this is jazzy alright, but it could work for momentous too 🙂 I will listen to the song later on. No connection to youtube from where I am now. I am very flattered that you decided to share this memory for my challenge. Bless you Ark.

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  2. I find it incredible how our bodies survived our youth and the things we did. such as your hearing being next to the loudspeaker. How much abuse the human body can recover from has saved many an elder from the joys of their life. 🙂 Hugs

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