Tuesday Photo Challenge – Healthy

We grow a few things at our spot: cabbage, courgettes, lettuce,broccoli, tomatoes, chili, occasionally potatoes, spring onions, among others, and a few herbs. We also have a bay tree, a few lemon trees that we grew from seed, an olive tree(no olives), a wild plum tree,  two Avo trees ( no Avos) and  an apple tree (no apples – yet).

We also grow beans. Climbing beans and the low ones.

However, this is the first time I have encountered a Lawn Bean!

I have absolutely no idea how it managed to seed itself in the actual lawn, at least a metre from the official vegetable patch! Yet here it is, and seems quite at home and quite healthy.

We shall see if it manages to bring forth any beans over the course of the next month or two!


12 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Healthy

  1. I too love your lawn bean. I’ve heard of people sowing their veggies in lawns and having a bumper crop – so Ark and the beanstalk, here we come. I’ll have the chicken that lays golden eggs please – that’s if you get up there to Fee Fi Fo land. You can keep the harp 🙂

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