15 thoughts on “Going to seed?

    1. They do. They also have a penchant for fruit, which we usually put put in the form of apples and pears which I ”spear” on small broken twigs next to the feeder tray..

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        1. Can’t help you there, Mel. But because of the cats, we are forced to move pretty sharpish whenever something accidentally finds itself indoors. So far all have been rescued and relocated. We had a Garden Commodore butterfly yesterday morning! Came through the back door and eventually settled on a kitchen cupboard.We guided it out with a soft bristled broom.


          1. I have to corner the birds at the windows because our dogs are also quite dangerous when they see a bird in the house. Bully caught an Indian Minah ? So the other day and put the dead bird in his basket I was not impressed.

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          2. *Smile* We had a cat, Patch, that would catch birds regulalrly, then wait until the wife was siting on the toilet – and only the wife -then jump through the window and leave the dead ”offering” by her feet and sit and look at her while she sat on the loo. I kid you not!
            Used to freak her out. 🙂

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    1. I am pretty sure he was aware I was standing on the stoep watching him and was in two minds as to whether he should leave or stay.
      He soon opted for the former, hopping up onto the tree then over the garden wall into the neighbour’s.

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