Bronze Mannikin

Looking very much like a northern winter scene, with an almost snowy-looking backdrop, a pair of Bronze Mannikins captured among the branches of one of the neighbour’s trees on a cool, cloudy afternoon.




    • Here as well. But I noticed this afternoon that they were have a bit of a to do with a Amethyst sunbird that was giving a whole hoard of them a run for their money. I quickly read up on this and found these sunbirds are fiercely territorial!
      Who knew?

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      • You are so lucky to have the wide variety of birds you have. A friend and I went for our ‘tramp’ on Saturday and we both commented about how many birds we don’t have anymore. . . imagine this. We live on the shore and one would expect seagulls to be prolific. I used to regularly curse them, as they make a terrible mess on the vehicles, but now we see very few – they’ve made their homes around the compost facility, about 10 k’s away! We used to have barn swallows – they’re gone. Result of climate change? I don’t know, but I do miss both of them.

        So I appreciate seeing the birds on your site, Ark! 🙂

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