Hadeda Ibis

“I see you!”


As indifferent as they are towards our cats when they stalk them through the  plants and long grass, the Hadedas are very wary when Humans get anywhere they consider close. I had to sneak around the back of the shed for these shots and even with the zoom lens they soon became aware and were quite jittery as they sat on the back wall preening in the afternoon sun.

Ubiquitous to many green spaces in and around Johannesburg and other parts of South Africa, they  are  a gardener’s friend as they meander over suburban lawns, golf courses, and parks pecking in the soil aerating the lawn as they ‘prospect’ for lawn crickets, ‘Parktown Prawns’ and other bugs.




  1. We have an Australian White Ibis that are common in Queensland. They are an off white and not as colourful as yours, they have a similar beak and longer legs. Ours are not so wary about humans and my cat stalks them but thinks twice about an attack due to their size.


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