Among the Aloes – A flash of purple.

Amethyst Sunbird 


Sometimes  half a second is just enough!

As the light was fading this afternoon I heard the chirp, and grabbed the camera from my desk. I pointed it straight out the door and hoped. And to my good fortune, he appeared from behind the flower.




  1. *bitterly* For me, a flash of colour in a bird which is perfectly in view is lost when they duck behind something just as the shutter clicks. The kids do the same to me.


    • I am using a smaller camera, the Sony Cyber, which has a super electronic zoom so’s I can shoot from a considerable distance – like the shot on this post.
      However, unlike an SLR ( like the Canon),the shutter lag is something chronic and for a subject such as a bird like this the shot is hardly ever the one that one originally focuses on! It’s crazy.Talk about hit and miss.
      So, considering how quick these sunbirds are this was a seriously lucky shot.


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