Watch the birdy. Black Sunbird.


Black or Amethyst Sunbird.

As winter approaches and the Aloes are in full bloom the sunbirds appear in our garden.

These gorgeous little birds are shy and elusive, but by no means quiet! Which is just as well because without their loud chirping chances are I would never be aware they were in the garden.

Patience, a strong lens and a fairly steady hand,  coupled with a large dollop of good fortune and  now and then one gets lucky – as I did this afternoon.

Although their striking neck and head colours are not so obvious in the first three shots, the last one gives some indication of the iridescent patches of colour this beautiful little bird has.




  1. Ooooohhhhh … who got a new zoom, then?

    Boom boom! And you’re doing great with it: as the actress said to the bishop “Don’t stop!”

    (Especially shot number three, love it!)


    • Ah … but the ”cutting floor” is ankle deep in rejections!
      But thank you for the compliment, Argus.
      It’s great to be able to photo-catalogue the birds with some pretty reasonable shots at last.
      It’s a Sony Cyber shot my BIL donated when he was here last year, as he never uses it. Bless him!

      It’s nowhere as easy as an SLR, and there is considerable shutter lag once the electronic focus is sorted but if one gets all the ”numbers aligned” the results are pretty good

      Liked by 1 person

    • Indeed … and it helps to have a big bird book that tells you what they like to eat so’s you can scrounge Aloes from all over the place and plant them!


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